Industry Leading Web Filter

  • Secure Access
  • Connectivity
  • Engagement
  • HTTPS filtering
  • Watch List

Inventory and Asset Management

  • Computer inventory
  • Simple overview
  • Real-time tracking
  • Up to date hardware
  • USB Port Management

Tracking Installed Software

  • Full software inventory
  • Take full control
  • Asset audit trails
  • Automatically tracks software

Windows Defender Management

  • Virus scanners
  • Trackable features
  • Receive an update
  • Block the threats

Industry Leading Web Filter

Web filters prevent the employees from visiting the site not pertaining to their job requirements and do not allow the websites having malicious codes to be opened on the computers. It helps protect data leakage and implement IT rules, and ensures the safety of all the nodes.

We provide you with a comprehensive solution for web security.

  • Customize your web management as per your needs.
  • No need for any expensive and bulky hardware or proxy servers.
  • HTTPS filters work without having to install complicated certificates on your system.
  • Using our advanced features, you can even block consumer Gmail and category filters.


The watchlist feature allows monitoring access to selected websites, providing consolidated access information such as who, when, and from where the site was accessed. The admin receives periodic emails containing this information for easy monitoring and action. The watchlist feature enhances web security by allowing easy tracking and reporting of access to specific sites.

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Inventory and Asset Management

Are you concerned about managing your computer inventory effectively with the maximum benefits at minimum costs? If yes, no need to worry anymore.

Our innovative inventory and asset management solution can help you out. Keep track of all the systems from a single dashboard. You can see what has been installed or browsed or even opened on any particular computer connected with this solution.

This is done using our real time tracking feature that allows you to monitor in real time what’s going on with your machines, their CPUs, networks, applications and much more. Also, you can check the status of operating systems and antivirus software.

  • You will be less vulnerable to operational and technical risks.
  • Optimizing your performance towards achieving better results will be easier.
  • Tracking the system will ensure that no one is left behind and everyone is working at the same pace with the same level of resources


USB port management allows you to easily enable or disable the USB port of any computer via a web console with just one click. Additionally, you can view the status of USB ports across multiple machines on a single consolidated page. Providing enhanced security and centralized management of USB ports across multiple computers.

Track Installed Software

NodeSec provides you with an automated global IT solution to keep track of all the installed software. Thus, it helps you to manage your software inventory both effectively and efficiently.

With this solution in your hand, you will know what software is running on your computers and some other related information such as when and from which source it was installed.

This control ensures more security and also better compliance with some industry standards.

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Windows Defender Management

Antivirus comes first to our minds when we think of the term security. So how can we miss that? You won’t need to pay the hefty prices for antivirus licenses as Windows Defender is a perfect alternative.

Our management feature will report everything what your Windows Defender doing. Whether it is doing a full machine scan, receive an update or block a newly found threat.

Windows Defender Management feature will let you see consolidated data  of all the security steps taken by your windows defender.

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